A Warm Toilet Seat For Modern Bidet

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A lot of folks have experienced sitting on a warmed seat in an automobile. What a luxury it is to Sittin on a heated seat in the car is really a luxury. The seat keeps your buns nicely warmed until reaching your destination, whether it's a chilly morning, a cold night, or on the way back to the condo after hitting the ski slopes.
Now the feature that helped sell so many cars can also be found in the electronic bidet. The warm toilet seat is actually a favorite feature for many bidet users. Similar to the seat found in automobiles, the warmed seat is powered by electricity. And since electronic bidets need to be plugged into a power outlet anyhow, adding a warmed seat feature makes a lot of sense. It's nice that engineers were able to design a bidet that provides heated comfort while cleaning you. Although the primary purpose of the bidet is to wash, secondary features like the warm toilet seat are definitely things that add to the bidet experience.
To explain how you could benefit from the bidet's heated seat, let's provide an everyday example. The first thing we usually need to do after waking up in the morning is go to the toilet right? So we walk into the bathroom, curl our toes at the cold tile on the floor, and sit on a freezing toilet seat. Yikes! Not the best way to start the morning.
Now imagine a different scenario. Wake up in the morning, walk to the bathroom, (still curl your toes), but then sit down on a nice warm toilet seat. Ahh... going to the restroom in complete comfort now. That's more like it.
In case you're wondering, yes, the seat's temperature can be adjusted. The number of settings will vary by model, but bidets usually come with two to five different seat temperature settings. Actual seat temperature will vary across these settings, but they typically fall between 93 degrees and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. When the heated toilet seat is not in use, energy consumption can be minimized by using the electronic bidet's power saving mode. Or if you prefer you seat at room temperature, you can turn off the heated seat as well.
So consider what a warmed bidet seat can do for you, the next time you're sitting on a cold toilet seat. Not only will the bidet clean you better, but you'll be more comfortable too. Whether you're sitting on the cold bleachers at a football game, a cold seat at the poker table, or a cold seat even in your own bathroom, nobody likes sitting on a freezing seat!

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A Warm Toilet Seat For Modern Bidet

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This article was published on 2010/07/02